Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My first projects

Here are the things I've finished (and gotten pictures of - I made myself a purse, too, but I haven't taken a picture yet) so far.

My very first project (this one was supervised) was the knot
dress for my daughter. I adapted it from this tutorial on Everyday Chaos; I needed it smaller and added a ruffle and an apron. My mom helped me with figuring that all out. I have some Moda Woodland Bloom fabric saved back (supplimented with a print and a couple of solids from Hobby Lobby) to make another one this spring - she has more clothes than she can wear already for this season.

I worked on a quilt top next, but I still haven't finished it (other things ended up getting priority - maybe after Christmas).

My next big project was a Halloween costume for my son. Grandma Cookie brought him a Jack Sparrow hat complete with dreadlocks from Disney World and he wanted me to make a pirate costume to go with it. I almost didn't finish in time - it had a lot of pieces and I had sewing machine issues; I got a brand new sewing machine and Mokey got his costume. (I did not make Princess' costume - I found it at TJ Maxx for $20)

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