Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

I can't believe my little girl is two years old today! Before we knew we were having a girl, I thought I wanted two boys - but I'm so glad I have a little princess to do girlie things with. It's amazing how much her little personality has already developed. She's a girlie-girl to the nth degree. Everything sparkly, ruffley or pretty is her kind of thing. She loves babies and fairies and cuddly things and getting dressed up. I'd say I have no idea where it came from (because I'm really not a girlie-girl) but, as my mom points out, she is an awful lot like her Aunt Kristen.

Here she is at one day old - my "tiny" 9 pounder:

and here she is yesterday at her birthday party:

I made (of course) the outfit she's wearing. The top is the Modkidboutique Kyoko pattern in Tinkerbell fabric and the white capris are a Simplicity pattern but I shortened them and added a cuff (that you can't see). I didn't notice that the obi had drifted south before we took the picture (I think I'm adding a little strip of velcro to the top and the front center of the obi so that doesn't happen.)

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  1. Best Wishes to the birthday girl! It goes so fast doesn't it? Still feel like mine was just born and she'll be turning two at the end of April.