Thursday, May 13, 2010

Testing, Testing - part 2

Here's the second of the two patterns I tested for Trish of Two Peas in a Pod Designs, the Patsy Ann Apron Top.

My version evolved several times before I actually sewed a stitch. I had picked out some fabric from my stash for the main body but I didn't have anything that I loved with it for the straps. So, Princess and I went to the fabric store to find something to go with it and she found the Tinkerbell fabric you see and latched on to it. (we're watching the second Tinkerbell movie as I type this). I found some pretty Tinkerbell green fabric with little white stars for the straps and brought it home. Then, as I was cutting the fabric, I cut the green fabric in the wrong dimensions and had cut it so that I didn't have a big enough piece in what was left to do the straps, so I dug out the white fabric to make the straps and then I cut the chest strap the wrong dimensions, too (lesson: never cut fabric when you have a headache) and so the green fabric was officially not included. I love the results (although that white fabric is pretty thick and it made the button holes kind of difficult).

It's a very simple pattern and such a cute top and I loved how it turned out (all except the buttonholes - I'm buttonhole challenged).

If you're interested in the pattern - you can contact Trish through her site here for ordering information or the patterns will be available in June in her etsy shop.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Testing, Testing

Fellow blogger, Trish Preston of Two Peas in a Pod Designs is getting ready to introduce some new patterns to her Sprouts line very soon and lucky me got to be a tester! They're great patterns and I was honored that I got to be one of the first to try them out. Part of getting to test, though, was agreeing not to post any pictures of what I made until Trish gave the go ahead. It's been rough because both of my testers turned out really, really well. The purse - the Madison Bag, has been especially rough because I'm just so in love with my version. Trish says the patterns are almost ready to head to the printers and so now I'm allowed to share!

I'm going to share the bag first, because I've just been on pins and needles to show it off and I'll put up the other in the morning.

So, here it is - my version of the Madison Bag:

This bag was made entirely from my stash - some of it from various sized scraps and remnants that used to be part of my mom's stash (and likely some that had been my grandma's) but the two main fabrics in the body of the bag were from fat quarters that I picked up new here and there with no real plan for them (and no real idea what they are). I guess what I'm saying is that this purse is completely one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated (since I used pretty much all of the two main fat quarters and wouldn't know how to find replacements). The shiny fabrics aren't satin - they're both cotton woven with metallic threads - the solid has silver threads and the textured one has gold threads (I do have more of both of those - I may have to find something else to use them in, they're so pretty).

It's a great little pattern - really very quick to put together and Trish's instructions are so clear and easy for even a beginner to follow. It's a nice and roomy bag, too, so I can get lots of my junk in there and since it's cross-body style, it's easy to deal with when I've got the kiddos with me.

If you're interested in the pattern - you can contact Trish through her site here for ordering information or the patterns will be available in June in her etsy shop

Coming tomorrow: my version of the Patsy Ann Apron Top. Alert - serious cuteness ahead!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bragging on my Hubby

Several weeks ago, hubby made a video of his lawn mower creation - lawn mower on a rope tied to a stake in the yard. It makes a perfect spiral pattern and mows a large portion of the back yard all by itself; it actually cuts about 30 minutes off his mowing time, which he usually uses to do the trimming. He sped the video up a bit and stuck it up on YouTube. Well, the silly thing took off! He's got almost 300,000 on the original posting and it's been reposted several other places (including a couple of sites on the Cheezburger network - you know the LOLcats folks) and has racked up the views there, too. Apparently, it's really popular in Spain.

Anyway, today it was featured on CNN! We had no idea and we wouldn't have know at all if some nice people hadn't commented on his YouTube page that they saw it.

Here's a link to the CNN blurb:

and the original YouTube posting