Saturday, July 24, 2010

UFO no longer

I started this skirt back in, oh, February, I think. It was supposed to be a practice skirt and then I would make it again in Tinkerbell fabric for Princess' birthday party. Um, well, that obviously didn't happen. About 12 hours into this I wasn't done, completely sick of it and since I only had one week 'til Princess' party I knew the Tinkerbell version wasn't going to happen. So, I ditched it in favor of the outfit I actually used for her party and it sat in the unfinished pile for months (and months and months). I took a little break from sewing for awhile this summer, mostly because I was sooo behind on housework. Well, I'm all caught up now and back in the swing, but I had a million other projects that I wanted to do instead of this.

But... Amy over at Amy's Creative Side has issued a little challenge - pick one thing to challenge yourself with for the week and get it done. So....I decided that this skirt needed to get done before summer is gone and here it is!

It's the Nie Nie skirt from Pink Fig and I made it in gingham and eyelet (honestly, what's more perfect for a super girly, ruffly skirt than gingham and eyelet?). I think it's super adorable and Princess loves how twirly it is, but I don't think I'll be making it again any time soon, at least not until I have a serger and I've mastered my ruffler. There are a lot of edges to finish and sooo much gathering.