Thursday, May 13, 2010

Testing, Testing - part 2

Here's the second of the two patterns I tested for Trish of Two Peas in a Pod Designs, the Patsy Ann Apron Top.

My version evolved several times before I actually sewed a stitch. I had picked out some fabric from my stash for the main body but I didn't have anything that I loved with it for the straps. So, Princess and I went to the fabric store to find something to go with it and she found the Tinkerbell fabric you see and latched on to it. (we're watching the second Tinkerbell movie as I type this). I found some pretty Tinkerbell green fabric with little white stars for the straps and brought it home. Then, as I was cutting the fabric, I cut the green fabric in the wrong dimensions and had cut it so that I didn't have a big enough piece in what was left to do the straps, so I dug out the white fabric to make the straps and then I cut the chest strap the wrong dimensions, too (lesson: never cut fabric when you have a headache) and so the green fabric was officially not included. I love the results (although that white fabric is pretty thick and it made the button holes kind of difficult).

It's a very simple pattern and such a cute top and I loved how it turned out (all except the buttonholes - I'm buttonhole challenged).

If you're interested in the pattern - you can contact Trish through her site here for ordering information or the patterns will be available in June in her etsy shop.


  1. I was here earlier via my phone but didn't get to leave a comment...then I got on my lap top and for the life of me could not find the link to your blog. I gotta remember to put you up on my now, before I lose your URL again!

    LOVE what you did with it and love the fabrics your little cutie picked - how could you not love that?

    Thanks so much for testing! Love ya!

  2. Hi Dusty!

    You are the winner of my giveaway day comp! could you please email me at jessmellifont at I'll have to get some measurements from you of your little girl so I can make her a little suffolk puff pinafore dress. She is a little darling! And if you aren't already a follower of my blog, you may want to start. I am thinking I might put up some photos of my progress of the dress once I get started so you may be interested to see those.

    I will also need your postal details. I am thinking the dress will be ready in two weeks but as you probably understand, as with any projects, it could be a little longer.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    xx jess and baby beatrice

  3. Beautiful little girl and the Apron Top is adorable! Good work!

  4. So cute! I have two little girls who would love it. Will have to check out the pattern!

  5. So cute! I've got a big Tinkerbell fan too - she would love your version of Trish's great pattern!