Monday, May 3, 2010

Bragging on my Hubby

Several weeks ago, hubby made a video of his lawn mower creation - lawn mower on a rope tied to a stake in the yard. It makes a perfect spiral pattern and mows a large portion of the back yard all by itself; it actually cuts about 30 minutes off his mowing time, which he usually uses to do the trimming. He sped the video up a bit and stuck it up on YouTube. Well, the silly thing took off! He's got almost 300,000 on the original posting and it's been reposted several other places (including a couple of sites on the Cheezburger network - you know the LOLcats folks) and has racked up the views there, too. Apparently, it's really popular in Spain.

Anyway, today it was featured on CNN! We had no idea and we wouldn't have know at all if some nice people hadn't commented on his YouTube page that they saw it.

Here's a link to the CNN blurb:

and the original YouTube posting

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