Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

Thanks to Michelle at Eyeronic for tagging me. The rules of this "award" are that I list 10 little-known facts about myself and then tag 10 more bloggers. Here we go! (let's see if I can think up 10 interesting things about myself)

1. I was the lead singer in a (not all that good) Christian rock band in college. Um, let's just say rock is not my strong suit and I really shouldn't try to be a tenor. Really.

2. On a related note, I was a Music Business major in college - which mostly meant that I was a Music major with a minor in Business Administration, but I had a couple of classes that focuses specifically on the music business, including copyright law.

3. My husband was the bass player in the above mentioned band and we started hanging out because he had a crush on my neighbor in the dorms and wanted my help. Needless to say, I decided to keep him for myself.

4. In a former life (i.e. pre-kids) I was an underwriter for lawyer's malpractice insurance. Have you ever tried to argue with a lawyer? Yeah, not an easy thing. (but I did like the rest of the job).

5. I hate telephones, I mean, seriously hate them. If I have to call someone I don't know very well I have a tendency to have a panic attack. I handle as much as possible via e-mail (thank goodness for technology). Did I mention I hate phones?

6. I played Golde in "Fiddler on the Roof" in high school. My mom decided my, um, chest area would not pass for a 50 year old woman who had five children. So she made me a fake chest - even put popcorn kernels in it so it would sag. I was always very nervous during the "Sabbath Prayer" number as we were using real candles and I was afraid my chest would start popping!

7. My closest sibling is 6 years younger than me, the youngest is 8 years younger. When I was a teenager, people often thought the youngest was my daughter (she did look a lot like me) but then they'd see my other sister and be thrown completely for a loop. (I guess at 16, I looked old enough to have an 8 year old, but not a 10 year old?)

8. I have given birth to two large babies (10 lbs. and 9 lbs. respectively) without an epidural. Oh, and I was induced with both. I'm sure my husband could tell you differently, but I don't remember it being that bad (although, I do remember asking to go home right at the end with my first).

9. I really dislike roller coasters. The hubby and I went to Holiday World three years ago, and I promised him that I'd ride the coasters with him. I made it through two and had to call it quits. The last one (The Voyage, which just happens to be the #1 wooden coaster in the world, okay, yeah, a dumb choice for a coaster-phobe) almost made me cry, seriously. There were 10-year olds in front of us laughing hysterically and there I was trying desperately to not cry and make a fool of myself.

10. As much as I dislike roller coasters, I looove water slides - the wilder the better. We are soo making it to Holiday World this year. I can't wait to ride the new water coaster. (last time we made it, I was pregnant and couldn't ride much).

Okay, now on to the nominations. I don't have a ton of actually blogging contacts, so I'm not doing 10, but here we go. Girls, consider yourself tagged!!!

Christie from Stitch 'N Love

Mary from Mary Sews

Have fun!!


  1. I HATE talking on the phone too. Email is my savior!

  2. I'm the opposite of you in terms of phone use, but oh do I ever hear you on roller coasters! There's one wooden coaster at our local park that leaves my nerves reverberating for days after riding it. Like I'll be lying in bed and all of a sudden I'll swear I feel my mattress drop kind of reverberations. Haven't been on a coaster for 15 years and plan to at least double that time if I can. :)