Thursday, April 1, 2010

Forget Spring, let's do summer's been a gorgeous few days and today it's supposed to hit 80. So...while I normally wouldn't dream of putting my two year old in a sleeveless dress on April 1st, this is what she's wearing today.

I made this dress (very quickly, I might add, in a fit of getting things done) for Princess' birthday present (she is getting a big girl bed, too, but DH can't start building it until I get some other projects caught up and out of the way...). It's Amy Butler fabric from her Midwest Modern II collection and Princess picked it out herself. Seriously, we were at the quilt shop and she just went absolutely nuts until I pulled the bolt down from the shelf and then she wouldn't let go. So I bought some and decided I'd find something to make for her with it. The pattern is Simplicity 2709 and I was a little nervous since I'd never done pleats before, but I think it turned out really well.

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