Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pillowcase? Naw, skirt!

I'm thinking ahead to spring a little bit, but honestly, I'm sick of looking at snow (and we haven't gotten dumped on like some parts of the country, but the snow is sticking around a lot longer than usual. Besides, I'm so not a fan of snow, I'm always sick of it by around, oh, December 26th anyway).

I found this fabric in my mom's stash (a good portion of which had been my grandmother's stash at some point and Grandma passed away when I was about 16, so that fabric is at least 14 years old, but I'd guess a lot of it is way older than that). It was intended to be for pillowcases (as in, it was manufactured for that; the border is only on one side along the selvedge and it's narrower than normal fabric - exactly the right width for a pillowcase). I immediately thought "oooh, that would be a pretty skirt" so I grabbed it, knowing I had a tutorial stashed away for a skirt made from one yard of fabric with just two seams and an elastic waistband (and it was designed to use the selvedge as the hem). As I looked at it, I decided it needed a more tailored line and a trimmer waistband so I ended up using McCall's 3341 instead (which I already had) and then I added a lining because the fabric is a tad thin, especially since it's such a light color. Anyway, a simple skirt morphed into something a lot more complicated (especially since I thought I'd be all fancy and do the blind hem on my machine; yeah, ripped that out and did it by hand instead), but I love the result . Now I just need some warmer weather so I can actually wear it.


  1. Darling skirt!!

  2. I love those border prints for skirts and this one is so stylish on your daughter. Good job!