Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Heart Day

I was afraid I wasn't going to get this dress done in time for V-Day; I had so much trouble figuring out the shirring around the neckline and sleeves. It's still not exactly right - I had to do the cheater method to get it done in time. I do know the issue now - the elastic thread doesn't want to stay in the bobbin tensioner on my machine - now I just need to figure out how to fix it.

It's actually my "muslin" for Princess' easter dress, made with cheap Wal-mart fabric (is ours the only one that still has fabric?). I used the Lily Top pattern from Pink Fig. She's got cute stuff and she's so nice, she answered my questions more than once.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I made the peas this same dress for easter last year. I just zig-zag over the elastic thread while I pull..looks super Dusty!