Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pwetty Dwess

I love Lila Tueller. Love. Especially her Woodland bloom collection. But, well, designer quilting cotton can be pricey. I thought it would be perfect for a knot dress a la Matilda Jane but you know, with the number of different fabrics you need for one of those, we're talking $30 or so, um, yeah, so not putting that much into a dress for a two year old. So, I grabbed a small bit of two of my favorites and went searching for other fabrics that would coordinate. Hobby Lobby to the rescue! I found a cute green print that worked perfectly and then two nice solids that picked up colors in the Lila Tueller. Fabulous.

I've made one of these knot dresses before. In fact, it was the first thing I ever sewed (with a lot of help from my mom on that one). I used the tutorial from Everyday Chaos but added an apron and a hem band. Then I made my tried-and-true toddler pants pattern: Simplicity 3511 and added a matching hem band to pull it all together. She loves it! She kept wanting to she daddy her "pwetty dwess." I think it's going to be her first day of school outfit (my baby is starting preschool in three weeks *sniff sniff*), as long as it's not too boiling out that day.

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