Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty "Fowas"

I've been playing with these organza flowers. I used this tutorial here. They're lots of fun, partly because they're so quick, but mostly because there's fire involved. Who doesn't love a legitimate excuse to play with fire?

I made a couple of larger ones (the turquoise and the big hot pink) for my friend's little girl's first birthday and a pair of little ones for Princess's pigtails. The grey one I sewed to a pin for me to wear, but Princess has stolen that one for herself, too (I'm going to steal it back, though). I even made one for my mom during Mokey's family party (after almost everyone had gone home) but the fabric I used wasn't quite the same as the others and it didn't curl as well. My next experiment is going to be trying some cheap lining. If it works a even a little, I may get some green and use it for leaves with the organza flowers.

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